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“That was INTENSE! An enthralling personal plunge down the rabbit hole of the War on Terror.”

—Peter Zeihan, New York Times bestselling author of The End of the World Is Just the Beginning

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Hi, I'm Ben.
But everyone calls me "Sledge."

(Were you expecting anything less than a tattooed guy whose name sounds straight out of a G.I. Joe comic?)

I’m a former Army Staff Sergeant turned Creative Director turned mental health specialist, and I’ve navigated warzones, corporate corridors, and nonprofit landscapes with equal fervor. From penning books to shaking up investigative journalism, I’ve honed my craft as a writer and artist. With degrees in graphic design and electronic media, I aim to bring creativity to everything I touch. As a keynote speaker, I’ve shared insights with diverse audiences, from the United States Census Bureau to The Joint Special Operations Command, and even shared the stage with icons like Tim Tebow.

Why a jack of all trades? I was inspired by Green Beret Jason Evermann (who was also in Nirvana and Soundgarden) and Renaissance thinker Benvenuto Cellini, who stated that a well-rounded man is an artist, warrior, and philosopher.

Now, at the helm of my own company, I craft compelling designs and websites, deliver powerful keynote presentations, and wield words to captivate over 48,000 readers on Medium in addition to being a multi award winning author.

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Ben's Expertise

Veterans & Mental Health

Like countless other veterans, when I returned home from Afghanistan and Iraq, I struggled to find my footing in civilian life, haunted by experiences I couldn't share. However, with nearly a decade in mental health under my belt, I've turned my struggles into strengths, aiding not only fellow soldiers but civilians too.

Armed with certifications in crisis response, trauma care, and suicide prevention, I bridge the gap between the military and civilian worlds. My critically acclaimed war memoir, Where Cowards Go to Die, dives deep into these struggles, while my keynote speeches—delivered to nonprofits, universities, and businesses—shed light on our collective challenges and the path to resilience. I can help your business or team break barriers and build stronger communities.

Writing Projects, Ghostwriting, & Book Proposals

My pen has left its mark across diverse realms, from Arsenal Strength to MARCH Marketing in the corporate arena, and even graced the pages of major news publications. In 2024, two books I worked on soared to the top, earning accolades from The Financial Times.

But it doesn't stop there. Behind the scenes, I've ghostwritten books endorsed by luminaries like Kevin Jonas Sr., Patrick Lencioni, and Bob Goff, among other bestselling authors. With a skilled team at my side, I craft compelling book proposals that have gone to contract with major publishers.

Whether it's refining your website, boosting your business, empowering your nonprofit, or shaping your book, I specialize in finding the perfect words to make you stand out from the crowd.

Graphic Design & Website Development

From my childhood to college, my passion for art has been unwavering. After the military, I dedicated multiple years to honing my craft as a Creative Art Director, mastering everything from Adobe Creative Suite to marketing strategies and WordPress web development.

My diverse clientele spans from geopolitical experts to churches, non-profits, and corporate giants. Just ask any satisfied client — they'll attest to my swift execution, clear communication, and unwavering commitment to excellence in every project I undertake.

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