“That was INTENSE! An enthralling personal plunge down the rabbit hole of the War on Terror.”

—Peter Zeihan, New York Times bestselling author of The End of the World Is Just the Beginning

Ben’s multi-award winning memoir, Where Cowards Go To Die, is now available everywhere books are sold


Hi, I’m Ben

but everyone calls me Sledge

I’m an award winning author of the 2022 war memoir, Where Cowards Go to Die, that cuts through the bravado to reveal a brutal portrait of war and the cost of returning to a country that no longer feels like home. If the book doesn’t interest you, my writing on Medium might! 47,000 people read my latest weekly musings on the platform. Oh, and I share free writing advice each month on Substack with a group of talented authors, journalists, and thought leaders.

But maybe you need to contact me about web development, graphic design, a logo, or a speaking engagement? My artwork has been featured in places ranging from two New York Times Best-Selling novels to the Washington Post. I’ve spoken to the Joint Special Operations Command, U.S. Census Bureau, major churches, and schools.

How does all this fit together? Simple. I run a full service company that can help you discover the right words, design, or keynote speech at a reasonable price.

— clients I’ve worked with —


Connecting veterans & Civilians

Like most veterans, when I came home from Afghanistan and Iraq, I found it difficult to readjust to civilian life and couldn’t talk about my experiences. These days, I hold multiple certification in crisis response, trauma care, and suicide prevention and understand the struggles military and veterans face and work to bridge the civilian/soldier divide. My upcoming memoir tackles many of these issues, as do my keynote speeches that I deliver to non-profits, universities, and businesses.


ghostwriting & Proposals

I’ve written for entities ranging from Arsenal Strength to MARCH Marketing to major publications online. Sometimes I moonlight as a ghostwriter and work with a talented team of writers who can string together book proposals that major publishers have moved to contract. Need to see some of my work? I’ve amassed 40,000 readers on Medium, where I write weekly. Or you can check out my writing advice on Substack. Either will probably let you know if I’d be a fit for your needs.

Graphic Design & Web Service

I spent thirteen years as a Creative Director and know everything from Adobe to marketing to WordPress web development. My clients include geopolitical experts, churches, non-profits, and big ‘ol corporate businesses. Ask around. They love my speed, communication, and design because I believe every project should be done with excellence.

What are people saying about ben?

  • Ben is a passionate, authentic, gifted communicator whose powerful personal story of life transformation motivates others toward the same. His knack for weaving in engaging stories and tackling the toughest of subjects with grace and truth makes him a compelling speaker. Our church loves him.

    John Burke NYT & Amazon Best-Selling Author / Gateway Church
  • Beneath the skin of Ben Sledge is a heart that has been exposed to some of life’s most brutal elements, a heart that has been bloodied and battered, and yet somehow emerged beating to bring more love, courage, and healing into this world. I think the world needs more hearts like that. And I think the world needs to hear from hearts like that. I sure do.

    Josh Riebock Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author / Heroes & Monsters
  • It was refreshing to hear a talk on a subject that is only spoken in whispers or as someone else’s problem. We must first acknowledge the damage on our relationships and children. Then we can and start having real and authentic conversations re-enforcing what healthy relationships look like and model these in our own lives…denying power to something that has control over too many lives.

    Special Operations Forces (SOF) Service Member USASOCOM
  • Ben Sledge not only can bring clarity to real life situations, but through exceptional stories and examples draws you in further to take a look at the reality of where your heart stands with the subject at hand.

    Jake Luhrs Lead Vocalist of Grammy-Nominated band, August Burns Red
  • [The talk] was right on target. The students and the staff alike were challenged by the subject matter. Thank you, Ben, for sharing your expertise with us!

    Frank Riley Principal of Private School in Texas
  • "Ben hit it out of the park with his talk at our event.  In 5 years of doing these events, and of all the 100+ speakers—which included 2 US cabinet level secretaries—Ben stood out as one of the best. He is a brilliant speaker and storyteller, the way he shared his experiences was moving and real, but also taught us all important lessons about veterans lived experiences. We would welcome him back any time!!"

    Drew Zachary US Census Bureau

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