Generation Porn – God Loves Sex and Free People

Most people think pornography addiction is “no big deal.” Everyone looks, but doesn’t tell. What the stats and stories are telling us is quite different. We’re a generation enslaved to pornography and it’s ruining our sex lives, marriages, and relationships with the opposite sex. How can we break free?

Because each of us has been ensnared or enslaved in one way or another, and no matter how hard we try we can’t do anything to free ourselves, especially when it comes to the grips of porn.

In Gateway’s last message of the “I Heart Sex” series, you’ll hear specifically about freedom from pornography, yet the freedom offered in Christ that applies to any and all areas that may ensnare or enslave us.


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The Phoenix – Rising From the Ashes (Audio)

Growing up I felt I got lied to a lot by the American Church. Everyone was pretty. No one walked into church having marriage issues. No one had porn or alcohol issues. Nope. We were all pretty because what would people think if we actually came clean about where we struggled? Wouldn’t that “blow our witness” to a lost world.

Due to these wounds and struggles I found myself a pastor in a 12 Step program with other addicts. And what I found by coming clean was amazing…..Healing.


Scripture Used:
Ecclesiastes 7:4-6 ESV

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