How to Hug a Vampire (audio)

There’s a joke made by comedian Dane Cook that in every group of friends there’s one person that nobody likes. That joke hit home for a lot of people because it appears even though we may have friends and family we love, sometimes they just annoy us.

In many Christian circles there’s this mentality to just serve and love and love and love some more, but we end up feeling drained and with little joy. How can we learn to enforce loving, yet firm boundaries with the people that drive us nuts?

Scripture Used:
Proverbs 27:5-6, Mark 10:17-22

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The Fear of Faith

2013 Now What?

This is week two of the Series “2013: Still here….Now What?”.

I have some crazy unnatural fears.  Fear of deep ocean. Have you seen some of the stuff that lives in deep ocean? There’s a Pirahana looking fish that has razor teeth with lightbulbs on it’s head. Who made that fish? Freddy Kruger?

As a child I was afraid of clowns.  I would run screaming out of the room if they were even on TV.  But everyone has a fear that controls them in someway.  And here’s why it controls us:  Because we can’t control the situation or the outcome so it produces fear in us.  Notice that when you’re broke you suddenly freaking out about how to pay bills?  It’s because you can’t control the outcome.

But there’s a different way we can choose to live……but it’s going to take faith.

Scripture Used:

Genesis 22:1-13

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