Go Into All The World

As adults we love epic stories and movies.

In books, we connect with fairytales and fantasies that excite us. But before we destroy children’s joy, love, and belief in world saving missions and replace it with cynicism, every kid in grade school wants to pick a profession that has something to do with saving the world or helping people just like the books and movies.

We all want a job that revolves around mission. As Christians, we’ve been given a mission. But are we following through? Are we living the Great mission we’ve been asked to accomplish?

SOUL REVOLUTION – Hearing God’s Voice

Often times we are left wondering “How do I know if I’m hearing God’s voice?” What if it was a little more simple than we made it out to be? What if there was a way to identify who’s giving you the truth in your head or who’s lying? Wouldn’t that be a Soul Revolution?