Ephesians (Part 9) – Dating and Marriage – Audio

There is a travesty happening in the American Church. 90% of Americans will get married at some point in their life, but churches everywhere continue to only train people how to date well in their singleness that leads to young adults obsessed with the newest study looking for the silver bullet to put down the singleness werewolf. And the question I would ask is: “Why aren’t we preparing people for marriage especially with the divorce rate being as high as it is?”

Because here’s a little sobering fact. Did you know there is no middle ground in dating? You will either break up or get married. That’s your 2 options. There’s not a magical 3rd although some people like to stay in indifference land forever.

So what does it look like to be a godly wife and deal with the ever unpopular verse about the “evil” submission? What does it look like to be a godly husband and “Love your wife like the church” which among most men is completely lost on them?

****This will be the last sermon for sometime as Central is changing and evolving.

Scripture Used
Ephesians 5:20-33 ESV

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