For so long I’ve had the message of performance beat into me. If I want God to love me, then I better do what he says. I better not blow it. And when I stumble he’s just waiting to get me.

And the truth is, so many of us have had this message beat into us and it affects us all……

If you went out and had that one drink too many or used that illegal substance even though you’re a follower of Jesus, you might think “I’ve let God down, and now I’m gonna get it”. If you hooked up with that guy or girl or have had relationship after relationship you know is inappropriate or maybe even adultery you think, “There’s no way he could love me. I need to get my act together first and then he’ll be pleased”.  For some of us it’s our addictions…whether that be porn, food, anger and hatred, and we think, “there’s no way God loves me let alone is pleased with me”.

But is this REALLY true? Or has church and so many others lied to us?

Scripture Used:
Luke 15:1-31 ESV

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