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— frequently asked questions —

Do you offer individual counseling/help?

Short answer? No.

Now the long answer why:
Many people have contacted me asking questions or advice ranging from addiction to relationship issues because they’ve read something I’ve written. Part of why I write what I do is so I can help the most men and women struggling through those issues, and much of my advice would be the same as what I’ve written. In reality, I just don’t have the time either.

However, there are tons of online entities like the one I worked for and volunteer with—HeartSupport—that offer real time support. There you’ll get to interact with me as I’m on live streams and support forums. I’d highly encourage your to come join our community at HeartSupport and receive tons of support, not just from me, but hundreds of other people.

Can we partner/collab on something?

That depends!

Partnerships and collaborations often mean there’s mutual benefit for both parties involved. I’m always open to help where I can and hear your pitch, but if it’s a time consuming personal favor, I’ll probably have to decline due to time constraints.

That said, if you have something you want to pitch that benefits both parties, I’m all ears. Please use the contact form below to send along specifics, locations, and time involved.

Can I schedule you for an interview or book you for an event?

If you’re looking to book me for an event, fill out the form at the bottom. Please note, I usually only take one gig a month as time allows.

If you’re looking to interview me, also use the contact form below along with who you are, what you do, why you want me for an interview, and a bit about your organization/business.

Just a heads up I’m only able to take 1-2 interviews each month (and sometimes none, depending on my travel schedule), so please contact me early if you have a timeline.

I need writing advice. Can you help?

Me and an entire group of authors, journalists, thought leaders, and copywriters created a Substack just for that reason! Best part? It’s free!

Can I republish your work on my site/business?

You cannot. The reason being is that when you re-publish my work on your site, it cannibalizes my content and drives web traffic to your site (that you can monetize). It hurts my search engine optimization, and most articles I’ve written I receive royalties for on Medium.

If you’d like to commission a piece for your website, please use the form and we can discuss! I’m always open to hearing what you’d like commissioned.

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