The Write Life

Free writing advice ranging from storytelling, book proposals, audience growth, and more from four top writers

— Meet the fellas —


Benjamin Sledge, John Gorman, Dan Moore, & Michael Thompson

The four of us met on Medium.com—where despite only running an article or two a week—we have a combined 200,000+ readership, 20M+ views, and 250+ featured articles.

Due to our enthusiasm for craftsmanship and our shared belief that caring trumps quantity, we quickly became fast friends.

Over the years, we’ve helped each other to continually get paid to write through editing each other’s work, sharing opportunities, and filling each other in on the tricks of the trade to land book deals, get our articles to move, and build relationships with mainstream publications.

The mission of this newsletter is simple: to invite you into our circle.

Each week, we will give away everything we know about how to attract readers to your doorstep and ensure they leave well-fed.

Before we get into who we are and what we’ve each been able to accomplish – and the milestones we’ve helped our clients to achieve – here’s a run-down of the topics we’re going to cover.

  • Best practices to write articles that keep readers glued to your words from beginning to end
  • Storytelling tips that we’ve shared in classrooms, boardrooms, and family rooms across the globe
  • Proven strategies to write compelling book proposals and find and query the literary agents (this past month alone two of our client’s secured book deals as first-time authors without large social media followings)
  • How to pitch and write for mainstream publications to establish yourself as a thought leader and, more importantly, a thoughtful person in your respected field
  • Ghostwriting, technical writing, magazine writing, and journalistic writing to ensure your skills are properly diversified to attract consistent opportunities
  • Copywriting, growth strategies, and tips to get your words to sing to ensure the messages you want to see in the world effectively scale

Best of all, it’s free.

This newsletter won’t cost you a dime.

We may offer some services like editing, storytelling workshops, and book proposal courses, but when it comes to the weekly teachings, nada.

If this sounds good to you and you’re familiar with our work and find value in it, you can see our articles and sign up by clicking below!