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Most Christians believe that the most pagan, dope smoking, murderer is saved the minute they believe in Jesus.

That they did nothing to earn their salvation and are hence saved by faith. BUT what’s crazy is that after a while if they don’t make any progress people begin the murmurings of “Well wait a minute, they must not be saved.” Seems like a Catch 22 or an oxymoron to me! That you can be completely evil, be the theif on the cross, and once you believe you’re saved but if you don’t clean yourself up, you might not be a Christian?  That’s performance based religion. It’s not the Gospel. It’s not the good news Jesus came to bring. It’s garbage.

And Grace spits in the face of performance and is the one thing that actually brings about CHANGE.

Scripture Used:

Luke 23:39-43, Romans 6:20-21 ESV

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  1. I hear this all the time, But I too have and continue to go thugorh more than I can take anymore. I have begged God for help as I’m to the point that I have even begged to death! I have spent 30 years in total misery. to the point it has cause a break down, and several attempts to end my life. Now within the last 3 yrs things have grown to a point I just can’t stand life anymore. in 2009 I was in an accident that cost me my car, my job, my apartment, my life savings. I had to ask to move back to my parents who really don’t have room for me so I have spent the last 3 yrs sleeping on a couch in an enclosed patio. that same year of 2009 I had a fight with my best friend and his wife who were like a brother and sister to me, and they walked out of my life and have refused to speak to or see me since. which my heart still is broken from as I truly loved them as family and miss them horribly. Then in 2011 my Mother passed away from brain cancer. Another lose of someone I needed in my life. I have lost so much especially in the last 3 yrs, and now my health is in bad shape on top of it. There is not a day that does not go by that do Not beg God for help and restore what I have lost, and to make it possible to be able to get on my feet again. yet the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, the months into years and nothing gets better, nothing changes, it just gets worse. I am dieing a slow, tormenting, death here. I am so miserable even being here I have broken down crying and asking God why am I alive? I can’t live another year like this, it’s cruel, it’s destroying me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I just can’t take anymore! death would be merciful than to continue in like this. Yet no matter how much I pray, and even beg God for help. I seem to go ignored. And yet I know God can help me, I believe in God and that he can help me. and yet he seems to think of me as he did Cain, Not worth his trouble. cursed and left to be a kicking stone. it has been the story of my life. it has been all I have known. I have been picked on, and cursed since I was a child. to the point that I have not self esteem, no self worth. And after 30 yrs of knowing nothing but pain, nothing but rejection, nothing but loss, nothing but regret, Nothing but abuse, would anyone including God wonder why death would seem so much better than continuing on. I look back on how my life was stolen from me, how my youth was stolen from me to the point of being a shut in and not even living the life a young man would. And yet I pray, I beg for miracles I desperately need. And I wake daily to the same torments, and stagnant existence. in the last few days as after 30 yrs I have grown so tired of existing this way, so tired of waiting for help that never seems to come, I have flat out to God Help me, or kill me as I can’t take anymore! I can’t go on another month in this living hell of an existence, it’s cruel to let someone hurt this bad that begins to destroy their physical, and mental health. I truly do not know what to do anymore? As the fact I prey and beg to God everyday shows I have faith and believe he can help me. Yet I seem to go ignored in my torment and my pain. which leaves the question WHERE ARE YOU GOD? Why Have you forsaken me?

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