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Today’s Problem With Masculinity Isn’t What You Think

A Letter to My Daughter About Young Men

Male Vulnerability Isn’t Pretty—But It’s Important


The Conversation We Refuse to Have About War and Our Veterans

What it's like to kill dogs

2023 award winning essay in Reader’s Digest

This Is My Vietnam

The Day I Stopped Believing in American Democracy

The Last True War Story I’ll Ever Tell

My First Time Going to War


The Great American Swindling Of Christianity

Why I’m a Christian (And Continue to Suck at Being One)

Let’s Stop Pretending Christianity is Actually Relevant, Okay?


The 3 Most Important Things To Know Before You Ever Consider Getting Married

The Myth (And Reality) Of Finding Your One, True Love

Mental Health

Your Anxiety is Trying to Tell You Something

You Might Not Actually Be Struggling With Depression

The Truth About Anxiety That No One’s Told You