This is week four of the Series “Follow Me” by Gateway Church.

We all love stuff.  New cars ,new clothes….and what’s even crazier is that those things create emotional responses in us and make us feel better about ourselves!  The problem is that where we spend our money often betrays what we say we actually care about.  “Where your Treasure is….there your heart will be also.”  The question becomes, “Where’s your treasure?”

Scripture Used:

Matthew 6:19-33 ESV

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  1. It really is great evdyeary when God shows up’!Or, does He call us to his Kingdom work, and to the potential splendour of each new day and each new life situation, then He waits for us to turn up? He is already there! We have to decide if we want to make the effort to respond, meet Him there, etc, perhaps?I like the catchy colour of your new blog banner. Really grabs attention as you open up TSA homepage. More importantly, it was great to see that you showed up’ to work and blog on your first day!!Looking forward to leadership of you and Aylene, and of Peter & Jenny as well.Blessings and prayers!(Keep showing up on TC Speak)

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