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  1. James Downing,I leave the real deep discussions about the Trinity to those who can haldne it much better than me. The pragmatist in me takes its que from Jesus teaching us to pray to the Father, the one in the heavens .I hear you and thank you, but you may be thinking I’m missing the obvious point of God in three persons , but I come down on the side of three distinct persons, otherwise why would Paul talk about Christ not considering equality with God something to be held on to in Phillipians 2, or Christ teaching us to pray to God? Again, I assume you are much better equipped to haldne the nuances of the trinity better than me; I’m merely suggesting these ideas about worship being to God, as Jesus taught us to pray to God, but understanding the intermediary role of Christ and the interpretive role of the spirit. If I am missing something, please let me know.

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