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Ben runs Hammer & Quill, LLC

Writing, Ghostwriting, Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing, Content Creation, and Veteran services tailored to your specific needs at a reasonable price and unparalleled excellence

By hiring Ben you’ll support a veteran owned small business


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Chris Meroff

Solid Copy Media

Ascent Legal Group

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Graphics, Prints, & Infographics

Graphics, Prints, & Infographics

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48,000 readers can't be wrong

As an acclaimed author with multiple awards to my name, I’ve worked with various companies, publications, and fellow authors to craft captivating narratives, compelling characters, and engaging story arcs to elevate their content. With a dedicated readership of over 48,000 on Medium, my writing consistently resonates with audiences and keeps them coming back for more. Whether you’re looking for a ghostwriter or content creation services, I specialize in bringing words to life. Here’s how I can help your writing shine:


Content creation (articles and essays)

Book proposals (several have gone to contract)

Developmental editing

Investigative journalism

Web copy/marketing emails

Social media copy

Traditional and Self-Publishing

Need a wordsmith for your manuscript?

Books I’ve written or helped work on have been endorsed by Cal Newport, Patrick Lencioni, Kevin Jonas Sr. (of the Jonas Brothers), Bob Goff, Peter Zeihan, Grammy-nominated musicians, and several other thought and business leaders. Two of the books I recently helped develop were named Financial Times book of the Month—Irreplaceable and You Belong Here.

Oh, and out of over 3,400 applicants, my essay—What It’s Like to Kill Dogs—was a winner at the 2023 Writer’s Digest Awards. I can help coax the magic out of your manuscript.

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Veterans die at an alarming rate

Currently, an average of 17 veterans end their life every day. It confuses many people why men and women who’ve gone through a crucible like the military later choose to die by suicide. Having friends I’ve lost first hand and battling my own mental health issues returning home, I wanted to impact my brothers and sisters in arms, grasp our struggles, and help us continue to live the warrior ethos—never give up, never accept defeat, never surrender—in life, family, and career.

What are my skill sets and expertise on the issues? I spent over a decade working in mental health and have consulted in classrooms ranging from Colorado State University to The United States Census Bureau about the challenges—and solutions—to a community deeply impacted by mental health. I can help your business, school, non-profit, or church get equipped to tackle the hardest issues and bridge the civilian-veteran divide.

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