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I often try and place myself in situations where I meet the needs of those less fortunate than me in my head and they don’t usually play out well. I tell myself, I’m a pastor, I should be more accommodating to the “least of these”, but the truth is, most times I like my comfort over the hassle of trying to buy a homeless guy a meal or I like to look ahead and put sunglasses on and crank my music when they’re on the corner of I-35 asking for money.  Then I justify my actions by saying, well, they’re just going to use that money to buy drugs or alcohol, or I think of the times when I actually have acted selflessly and think, “well I’ve been a good person….I’ve done good deeds, so it doesn’t hurt to let it slide this once” and often that once turns into twice, which turns into 3 times, which turns into a year, which turns into never.

How do we become the people God talks about that serve and love those around us in a hurting world?

Scripture Used:

Matthew 25:31-40  ESV

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